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We gotta have some fun on this journey while trying to find  dope places so I thought this odd submission should get posted. Why the hell not? I thought. Maybe you and the crew can go ride bikes around, BBQ or something. I don’t think there are enough impromptu rap/comedy shows performed in State Parks either. Just watch out for the headless horsman (ominous pics below). 

credit: SmugMug; 65mb

TJBW suggests….

Fort Mountain State Park
181 Fort Mountain Park Rd
Chatsworth , GA 30705 

Hours of Operation: 7am - 10pm

Parking Fee: $5 (can be free if GA resident checks pass out from library)

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I fucking hate restaurants that use boutique in its name. The place looks pretentious but rumors are that it has some pretty good burgers and if they are half as good as they look in the pics than you are in for a treat. 


Nicholas writes…

Donald should check out flip burger ( while in Atlanta. Creative burgers and amazing liquid nitrogen chilled milk shakes. Owned by Top Chef All stars winner Richard Blais. Its my favorite place to eat in the city.


This is the first strip club to pop up on Do It Donald! and it seems like a great one to mention. It is the original Strip Club in Atlanta and even Bill Murray enjoys it. Its got great reviews on Yelp too. 

Nick writes….

Gotta hit up the best place in Atlanta. Words don’t even do it justice until you’ve actually gone and experienced it for yourself. But it’s dope. And the perfect place to go after the show. Address is: 789 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast.



Jeremy Brown writes….

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack is, without a doubt, the best barbecue I’ve ever tasted in Atlanta. The meat falls off the bone, the sauce is tangy and delicious, and it’s not that expensive - a half-slab and all the sweet tea you can drink is only about $12. I frequently find myself making up reasons to be around that way so I can stop in for lunch.

1811 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30324


Okay, the good people of Atlanta and the Little 5 Points neighborhood have spoken and they really want you (Donald) to visit Criminal Records. They have emailed me, submitted posts, tweeted and even started a facebook page. I’ve never been to the ATL but I’ve heard of L5P and that its a good area to check out while visiting. It seems like they got some good food in the neighborhood and this dope record shop is only a block away from the venue. 

Here is some of the comments i’ve received….

Jaclyn - “I’m not sure if he is awareof how amazing and unique Criminal Records is, but we all believe he would have such a great time checking out comic books, vinyls, CD’s, graphic novels, magazines, cooky comic-related toys and an amazing candy selection (some from Japan).

It’s the day after he performs at Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points, which is where Criminal Records is located, and everyone within the L5P community really thrives off of local support from one another.

CR is well known by many in Atlanta as well as those who live “outside the perimeter”. CR hosts many many many bands to perform in-store, which almost always draws a crowd so large you’re often forced to dodge in and out of people just to move from side to side.

We love Donald, we want him to come to Criminal Records on May 7th for Free Comic Book Day the day after he performs at Variety Playhouse in Little 5 Points located in Atlanta, Georgia.

yarg - “Donald should most definitely hit up Criminal Records, which is right across the street from the Variety Playhouse (his venue in ATL). The good folks at Criminal will take good care of a gentleman, and guide him to fine musics and delicious eats. Speaking of, he should hit up The King of Pops at the corner of North/Highland while he’s in the ‘hood, ‘cuz them pops is good.

My favorite meal near the venue would be The Vortex (kickass burgers) or El Myr (great burritos, and the best jukebox around).”

Charlie- “Donald will be playing the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta — one block up is the best record store I’ve ever seen, Criminal Records (

Also, Cakes & Ale in Decatur is a wicked good restaurant (”


Marcus Owens writes….

You’ll be around Little 5 Points anyway. You should visit the fantastic shops as well as grab a burger and tots (must do tots) at The Vortex. Like Craft Beer? The Porter should be rocking 10-15 taps of good stuff. If you get here early enough, you MUST catch the Sweet Auburn Curb Market Urban Picnic—bunch of food trucks/farm trucks come camp at our curb market for lunch.

The Vortex

Damn, Sweet Potato Tots. Whatssuuppp…. - @pdxkeith


I got you covered Donald. Piedmont Hospital is the top rated hospital in the Atlanta area on google places. 

Here is what some of the reviews say….

"Funny, brilliant, caring, and highly skilled. Best doctor I’ve ever had 

It sounds like they might be able to heal you with the healing power of laughter.


968 Peachtree Road Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 605-5000