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Cafe D’Mongo’s Speakeasy looks like a pretty legit spot.

1439 Griswold St
DetroitMI 48226
Neighborhood: Downtown Detroit


Submitted by Michael….

I guarantee Donald won’t be disappointed if he tries Wild Bites when he comes to Boston. The food is better than any other Italian restaurant. Plus the place is decorated by the owners wife’s art. She does 3D body mold paintings. Its a pretty awesome place. The website has more info if you want to check it out. Its at 36 main st. Amesbury, Ma 01913.

One of the shittiest websites I’ve ever seen but a quick google image search revealed some delicious looking dishes. - @pdxkeith


Ryan writes…

There is one place you must go when you get to Austin…

Dirty Bills:

If you travel west on 6th street in Austin Texas you may stumble upon a quaint dive bar with a name like no other… Dirty, yes I said “Dirty” but that’s hardly what you will find there. In its attempt to scare away the average bar go-er it attracts a better crowd of industry and friends of industry workers. If you walk in and don’t know anyone you will meet someone. If you walk in and you can’t meet anyone… then get the eff out.

In the back corner by the jukebox you will find a posse of tenured drinkers who control the flow of tunes. Well only when they aren’t listening to the tunes of DJ Mel, Randy, and others. This corner has a stigma of high tippers, heavy drinkers, and hopeful hipsters. Next time you’re there be sure and say hi!

Take a cab. I guarantee they won’t know where you’re talking about. If you don’t love and respect that then don’t even attempt to walk in. Instead head over to Key Bar, The Ranch, Maggie Mae’s or somewhere else that… just isn’t that good…

Dirty Bill’s is there for those who love and care about it. Leave your ugly at the door, walk inside, respect the bartenders, know what you like to drink, tip well, and you will be happy as a kitten wearing mittens.

Love you Dirty,



If you go here Donald, watch out for the guy dressed as a chair cause I’m sure there is more than one. - @pdxkeith

This is my favorite bar in Houston. The chessboards, the piles of shoes, the odd furniture, the in-door smoking, the ever-evolving art themes (right now the theme is clowns). 
It’s downtown so a lot of out-of-towners accidentally stumble in from the nearby hotels. You’re also likely to run into a few homeless and insane people who have made the bar their home because all the other establishments had kicked them out. Old artists and photographers and dancers flock here. And anyone with a penchant for the dark and odd.
I’ve seen some of the best live shows ever here…and almost all of them were unpromoted. Just randomly walk in and see some amazing sets from some poor kids on tour.
And you can’t miss the poetry night every Wednesday night. Best poetry night ever. You might hear a homeless person read a poem. You might see someone get naked. You might see someone set off fireworks on the stage! One time I saw a blind man read his poems by running his fingers over his braille journal on stage. And then he sang and played a song on the piano.
Oh yeah, they have an open access piano…


314 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 409-4750


This is one of the dopest spots in Las Vegas. I’ve stopped by here several times and can’t get enough. I always find something new. This is one of the OG stores to bring rare vintage to the retail storefront and present it in a fashionable manner albeit crazy fashion. I can’t say enough about Fruition except that you should check it out. It has to be experienced no matter how over the top it looks. You can really find some gem pieces here.  - @pdxkeith


4139 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89119-7518

 (702) 796-4139


Your gonna kill SF tonight. Those Hill People (yes I call San Franciscans Hill People) are in love with you based on the many responses I’ve received about this show. For everybody else, Las Vegas is up next and while I have a good idea about some places he should check out can you send me some more dope spots in the area he is performing? Specifically around the Hard Rock Cafe which is on Las Vegas Boulevard I know.  - @pdxkeith



Thanks Freemilk for submitting this. It was next on my list for SF! Can’t wait to go back and hit this place up. - @pdxkeith

Freemilk writes…

Ike’s Place makes the best sandwiches, hands down. They have so many different varieties of sandwiches, but you can’t go wrong with the “menage-a-trois.” Plus you get a bag of chips and a caramel apple lollipop for free! :] It is  also really close to Dolores Park and afterwards you can go get some delicious Bi-Rite ice cream. "But you don’t have to take my word for it,"

3489 16th St
(between Dehon St & Sanchez St) 
San FranciscoCA 94114


This wouldn’t be a cool tumblr about cool places in Portland without mentioning the uber-cool Local 35. And by cool I mean just nice people. They have always been cordial with me and inviting even though my fat-ass can’t fit into a pair of Naked & Famous jeans. I go for the accessories there and to stay up one what’s new. They always have dope shit from Property Of… and Pointer. Anyway, GQ has shown them mad love and so has Playboy. It is located in the heart of Hawthorne, a great street worth checking out should you get the opportunity. 

They also carry some brands I know your very familiar with including Band of Outsiders, A.P.C. but I would go for the Gentry ties and the Pointer x Porter bag (FIRE) below

Local 35 

Hours11-7 Monday - Saturday 11-6 Sunday 
3556 SE Hawthorne BlvdPortland, OR 97214503-963-8200