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Congratulations DONALD GLOVER/CHILDISH GAMBINO on the IAMDONALD Tour. That shit was epic!


Submitted by Vanessa: 
Here are a few places Donald should consider going to after his final show on the tour in Minneapolis — places where there will be no bro rape and all the girls are “can get it”-worthy. 1. The 1029 Bar. It’s relatively close to the Varsity Theatre and has award-winning karaoke. They have pretty much any song ever written on their karaoke list and the Thursday night crowd there tends to seek out the obscure tunes that are still crowd pleasers (recent examples: “Bossy”, “Flagpole Sitta”). Their website:

 2. Nick & Eddie’s. It’s in the Loring Park area. Good food, usually there’s music going on there every night, and you’re likely to see a bunch of cool kids and Josh Hartnett. Their website:

 3. Bryant-Lake Bowl. It’s in the Uptown area. It’s part restaurant, part bowling alley, and part theater. Their website:

 Also, a good way to quick check where to go — use the City Pages “Best Of” guide that JUST came out: -Vanessa


Thanks to Cody for the e-mail..


YOLK is only open til 3pm but they open real early and although they have several locations it doesn’t look like a quantity over quality situation. I’m sayin this looks good!

The Closest one to the venue is located at…

River North

747 N Wells

Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312.787.2277


HOT DOUG’S has over 2,000 reviews and is at 4 1/2 stars. They must be doing something right. If that wasn’t enough, here is a quote from their website 

Memorial Day: You would think that a holiday that signifies the start of summer would be the perfect time to sell lots of hot dogs. Unfortunately, Scotch was invented in 1494. Therefore…Hot Doug’s will be closed for Memorial Day. 

3324 North California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618-5848

(773) 279-9550


KUMA’S CORNER got damn, another Chicago eatery rocking the 4 1/2 stars with over 2500 reviews. The burgers here are no fucking Joke I’m just going to have to post a few pics up. 

2900 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618-5804

(773) 604-8769 

No joke this is some pornographic food shit, damn!


I’ve never been here before but I’ve known about this place and ordered a bunch of shit from them over the years. This is a cool ass spot that if you had no idea what you were looking for you would never know it was there. To get to the well stocked fashion/sneaker store Bodega you will need to navigate through their “bodega” store front. Once you get through you find brands like Tanner Goods, Garbstore, Head Porter, Stussy Deluxe…etc

Here is what the front of the store looks like…

But once you get through the faux “bodega” you will find one of the coolest designed shops in the country…


6 Clearway Street
Boston, MA 02115


Submitted by Jon…

Bob and Babara’s. 

Bob and Bab’s is a PBR dive bar with the big draw being a “Philly Special” (a can of PBR and a shot of Jim Beam for 3 bucks). It’s pretty hipster and on the weekends they have a live Jazz band (to bad the show is on a Wednesday, Thursday is also drag night…). I wouldn’t assume it would be crazy crowded on a Wednesday, but knowing Mr. Glovers love for whiskey, this place make sense. In regards to location, it’s about 10 blocks from the TLA so it’s totally walkable.
B&B’s doesn’t have a website show if you wan to show images here are some:

Wow, this place looks really shitty. It’s perfect! - @pdxkeith


Submitted by Jon Gerb…

Sleep No More is an interactive site-specific theater production of Macbeth, not on a stage, but in a 100,000 sq ft warehouse that you wander through at your own leisure. The 5 story, 93 room set has a very film nior 1930’s atmosphere. The audience are required to wear Venetian style masks to differentiate themselves from the actors, who go throughout the entire 5 floors of the “McKittrick Hotel” wordlessly acting out scenes from Macbeth, mostly through interpretive dance. Audience members are free to follow the actors around and explore the sets and props(go through the draws in Malcolm’s office, read the letter Macbeth wrote to Lady Macbeth). If you see Macbeth running down the hallway, face covered in blood, or Lady Macbeth half naked walking around, you just might want to follow them. If you’re lucky you will get picked for a personal 1-on-1 experience. The action is repeated about 3 times throughout the 3 hours of the show so you can see other scenes that were happening as you were watching something else happen on the last cycle. Get there early to get as much of the experience as possible. Donald will eat this shit up. Tell him i can get him a hookup too! I intern for the show.


Ramy Noodles writes….

If you’re in DC on a Saturday, there’s this dope Belgian/French cafe called L’enfant, and get this, they have mid-day dance parties every Saturday from 2-5:30. It’s called La Boum (the Sexiest Brunch in DC). Check it:

2000 18th St NW

Washington, District of Columbia 20009

(202) 319-1800



Only 10 shows left on the IAMDONALD tour. As we come down the home stretch I need your guys help in finding some great places for Donald to check out on the east coast. Remember he loves FASHION, FOOD/DRINK, and MUSIC. Lets help him find some gem places. Keep the fashion dope (cool boutiques), and the drink Whiskey Neat (whiskey bars and other cool spots). Food has come the easiest for most so keep submitting those as well.


8-May-Washington, DC -  Black Cat -TICKETS (on sale MArch 4th)

9-May-Baltimore, MD  - Rams Head Live -TICKETS (on sale March 4th)

10-May-New York, NY - The Bowery Ballroom - TICKETS (March 4th)

11-May-Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts - TICKETS (on sale March 4th)

13-May-Boston, MA  - Paradise Rock Club - TICKETS (on sale March 5th)

14-May-Brooklyn, NY  - Music Hall of Williamsburg - TICKETS(on sale March 4th)

16-May-Toronto, ONT - The Opera House - TICKETS (on sale March 4th)

17-May-Detroit, MI - Magic Stick - TICKETS (on sale March 4th)

18-May-Chicago, IL - Park West - TICKETS (on sale March 5th)

19-May-Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theater - TICKETS (on sale March 4th)


This is what i’m talking about. Thanks to the wonderful Ali B. for the heads up!

Stag looks like a super dope store similar to The Woodlands out of Portland. They carry classic Americana product from Filson, Dunderdon, RRL, The Hill-Side and many others. This looks like a store to check out. 

1423 S. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704


Hey you guys. Thanks again for the submissions. I probably have like 20 for the Atlanta show but I could use some more for the east coast part of the trip and for his stop tomorrow in Austin. 

INCLUDE FASHION too people….. I know the type of stuff he likes might not translate into Texas too much but there is definitely dope shops on the east coast, I just need the details. Refer back to my original posts on Portland for some ideas.